What Makes Us Different

While visual schedules began as a tool to help children with special needs, it soon became evident that they benefit ALL children.

However, the only schedules parents and teachers could create featured cartoon pictures that are difficult for young children to understand and interpret quickly.  Schedule Power features clean, crisp photographs of real children.

Our visual schedule kits give parents and teachers back time to spend on what they love.  No need to spend your time printing and assembling individual schedules, Schedule Power has done the work for you.  You’re ready for immediate results!

What Makes Us Different

Done Pocket

The child feels accomplished and in control by removing items from to-do list. Adults get numerous opportunities to celebrate completed tasks with the child.


The child instantly understands picture rather than interpreting confusing cartoons or needing an adult to read or translate.


The child sees a clear beginning, middle and end to a routine and understands what steps are left to complete. Child can also help choose the order, increasing likelihood of cooperation.

Activity Cards

No need to read or ask an adult. All children can understand the activities by looking at the pictures. The cards are always present in case a child forgets verbal instructions. They can see non-preferred and preferred activities ahead and manage their expectations for a smoother day.

Blank Cards

Adults can personalize to represent special activities unique to your classroom or family.


Our framed schedule looks professional and organized in your space and lets children know it is important.

Fabric Insert

A solid background highlights activity cards without distracting child from task.


Children can instantly master taking off and attaching cards.