For Parents

Our schedules motivate kids.

Children and adults both thrive when their environment is predictable.  When children show how they feel with challenging behavior, it can be exhausting, distracting and frustrating.  Your visual schedule is a plan in action! Whether it is helping to create a smooth morning before school, a peaceful bedtime or support throughout the day, Schedule Power offers clear expectations, will help with transitions and even motivate children to do tasks they do not enjoy.  Use your schedule to bring a peaceful flow and happy smiles to your day.

For Parents

Our Schedule Power Parent Kit is designed to target the most difficult times of the day for families: mornings and bedtime.

Simple things go a LONG way! These quick and easy ways to celebrate positive behaviors can be immediately implemented.

Celebration Ideas 

Does the chaos of the mornings or bedtime leave your feeling exhausted and frustrated?

Tips for Success 

Gives them the independence they want

I like that it keeps things on track, but also gives them the independence they want. They have the direction they need without me telling them what to do.


The schedule is awesome

The schedule is awesome because it keeps him on track. He loves to check what’s next to be done and take it off. It’s been a better way for him than to hear me yelling at him over and over to do the same thing.