Tips for Success

Tips for Success

Does the chaos of the mornings or bedtime leave your feeling exhausted and frustrated?

Join forces with your kids and turn those power struggles into cause for celebration and smiles. Schedule Power is here to help!

Show It

Arrange your activity cards vertically in order of your entire day or for the steps within a routine (such as bedtime). Let your child help decide the order. The more your child helps select the activities and order, the more eager they will be to participate.

Review It

Talking about the plan ahead of time gives children time to process your instructions and understand the expectations. You are preparing them for success! With the information they need, your child will be more likely to cooperate and less likely to display challenging behavior.

Do It

See what’s first and do it! Make it fun! Do it together, sing, dance, race or have a stuffed animal watch. As your child completes each activity, remove the card and place it in the done pocket.


High fives! Hugs! Smiles! Extra time for books! When the reaction kids get from doing something is bigger than the reaction from making another choice like throwing a tantrum, whining or refusing to participate, kids will choose to continue making positive choices.