For Teachers

Where EASY becomes routine.

New and unpredictable situations can be scary for children. When children show how they feel with challenging behavior, it can be exhausting, distracting and frustrating. Schedule Power is here to conquer confusion and chaos. Your visual schedule is a plan in action! Kids quickly understand it and become excited to participate.

For Teachers

Your visual schedule can transform your classroom or daycare into a calm, happy environment where children thrive knowing the routine.

Simple things go a LONG way! These quick and easy ways to celebrate positive behaviors can be immediately implemented.

Celebration Ideas

New and unpredictable situations can be scary for children.

Tips for Success

This product is amazing!

As a Special Education teacher and researcher I’m beyond thrilled at the responses I’ve received from parents who’ve used the Schedule Power kits.  Most educators are aware of the significant changes in children’s behavior when they are aware of upcoming events and potential adjustments in their schedule.  These pre-made kits and accompanying instructions have allowed the families I support to immediately see changes with their children in terms of reduced anxiety, decreased tantrums, and general excitement at being able to see and move their completed activities to show what they’ve successfully accomplished.   For busy parents, the simplicity and convenience of being able to assemble and implement a detailed  photo schedule for their children within 15 minutes of opening the package really makes a difference.  This product is amazing!

Special Education teacher and researcher