Tips for Success

Tips for Success

New and unpredictable situations can be scary for children.

When children show how they feel with challenging behavior, it can be exhausting, distracting and frustrating.  Schedule Power is here to conquer confusion and chaos.  Your visual schedule is a plan in action! Kids understand it and become excited to participate.


Show It

Arrange your activity cards vertically in order of your day or for the steps within a portion of your day, such as the morning.  Display the schedule where your children can see it, touch it and refer to it if they forget.

Review It

Talking about the plan ahead of time gives children time to process your instructions and understand the expectations.  Whether introduced at drop-off, circle time or individually, you are preparing each child for success!  With the information they need, your children will be more likely to cooperate and less likely to display challenging behavior.

Do It

See what’s first and do it!  Make it fun! If a particular student struggles, do it together, sing, incorporate body movements, race a clock or have a stuffed animal watch.  As your class completes each activity, remove the card and place it in the done pocket.


Cheers! High fives! Hugs! Smiles! Extra time for books! When the reaction kids get from doing a desired behavior is bigger than the reaction from making another choice like throwing a tantrum, whining or refusing to participate, kids will choose to continue making positive choices.